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As I reflect on the challenges that 2020 has brought to each of us individually and collectively, I can’t help but think of the power of community to Support, to Empower, and to Heal. With the separation and isolation brought on by the first global pandemic in over 100 years, we’ve all struggled in our ways while doing our best to support ourselves and our loved ones. I also suspect that the power of togetherness, unity, and shared values that our communities bring us has helped us each get through a dark day or two.

People are naturally pack animals that have relied on a shared sense of community since the very first civilizations. We’re driven to be part of groups, both for the Support of the group, but also because we hard-wired to find pleasure in helping others. I hope we’ve all felt the warmth of Support from our communities, but also hope we can find space to provide support back to those in our communities that are in need during the Holiday season.

Another great component of communities is their ability to Empower individuals to live and give something bigger than themselves. When a community supports us properly, it frees us to truly be our best. I know I’m blessed for the lighting industry community that provides things like education, training, and networking that form the broad shoulders that Retrolux and myself are standing on.

I think we all have the scars to prove we lived through 2020 and all the challenges over the last year. I also know we’ve all seen the power of community to help us heal and to give us opportunities to help others heal. I’ve been so blown away at how many people in this great country have given their all and then some to help those in need and that is the American community that I’m proud to live in.

I know this Holiday season will be challenging for many of us as we have smaller gatherings and maybe less under the Christmas tree. Let’s all find the strength in our little tribes and our larger tribes, remember we’re all in this together, and remember the power of communities to Support, Empower and Heal during trying times.

Leif Elgethun, CEO


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