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A collaborative lighting and energy retrofit software 
that streamlines your entire project development and sales process


About Retrolux

The idea for Retrolux® was born in 2012 when founder, Leif Elgethun, got fed up with using pencil, paper, and Excel for lighting retrofit projects. He looked for software and realized nothing existed that was cloud-based, mobile, easy-to-use, and integrated to simplify lighting sales.

Retrolux® provides cloud-based software that is transforming how lighting retrofit contractors, ESCOs, lighting project owners, manufacturers, and vendors, work together as a team in a single ecosystem. Our product is purpose-built for an industry that hasn’t changed much in 60 years.

Designed from the ground up by lighting experts who have actually done lighting and energy-savings projects, Retrolux® is built to work simply and effectively while dealing with the specific issues faced within the lighting and controls industry. Whether it’s lead generation, energy and cost analysis, rebates and incentives, specifying materials, project financing, project delivery, or anything in between, Retrolux is a single solution that has the potential to truly change the world we live in.

At our core, Retrolux® believes in sustainability. The fight for energy resources is one of the largest problems facing humankind and the status quo since the industrial age started could basically be described as ‘find a resource and burn it.’ As we begin to solve the energy crisis, it will enable us to solve other sustainability issues like heating, water, and food shortages with solutions that minimize energy usage, enhance productivity, and bring health benefits to the buildings we work and play in.

Today, Retrolux® is a trusted partner to the lighting industry that it services. It’s no wonder why we are the fastest-growing energy audit and quoting software platform in the energy-efficient lighting industry.

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Trudi Wieduwilt
Simple Energy Solutions

“Retrolux has been awesome to use. The reports are great and easy to present to clients. I love not having to use spreadsheets anymore!”

“Retrolux really has provided an incredible competitive advantage for my business. I am able to present professional proposals to my customers and close more deals."

“Retrolux is a true partner in my business. I love that I am able to quickly produce professional proposals, present the cost savings to my customers, and ultimately close more business."

Nick Inchausti
Utility Reduction Services

Malcolm West
Fromm Electric Supply

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