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Retrolux Announces Deco Partnership and Deco Mesh Product Integration

Retrolux, the fastest-growing lighting project and implementation software platform, and Deco Lighting, a leading manufacturer of advanced lighting technologies for retrofit and architectural solutions, are pleased to announce their partnership along with the full integration of Deco Lighting fixtures with Deco Mesh into the Retrolux quoting and design platform for commercial lighting projects.

"Retrolux is thrilled to partner with Deco Lighting to bring value to our customers by offering their simple Bluetooth SIG mesh lighting solutions on the Retrolux platform. " said Leif Elgethun, Founder and CEO of Retrolux. “Through this integrated offering, our mutual customers can design, quote, sell, and install Deco Lighting with integrated Deco Mesh seamlessly and at pricing competitive to non-controlled solutions.”

The partnership between Deco and Retrolux enables industry contractors, ESCOs, manufacturers, and building owners to design, quote, sell, order, and install Deco Lighting fixtures with integrated Deco Mesh Bluetooth drivers and controls using Retrolux’s design and sales software platform.

”We are excited to join the Retrolux family of solutions to make it easier to enable low cost connected lighting for office, schools, and health care facilities,” stated Sam Sinai, CEO of Deco Lighting. “As the first company to offer integrated wirelessly controllable fixtures via our Deco Mesh drivers without the need to add separate nodes, sensors, or adapters, we welcome the opportunity to create a completely new category for the industry, enabled on the Retrolux software platform.”

Deco Mesh helps contractors, ESCOs, and end-users create smarter spaces with standard features including 1% dimming, grouping/zoning, trimming, daylight harvesting, scenes, and occupancy/vacancy enabled sensors with Bluetooth SIG mesh networking and over the air updates.

Retrolux and Deco Lighting current and future customers are invited to join a webinar on Wednesday, June 9th at 2:00pm Eastern Time to learn more about the software integration, products and the partnership. Visit to register.

About Retrolux: Retrolux is a lighting sales software solution that helps commercial lighting retrofitters win more deals, lower costs, find and keep more clients, all while reducing paperwork. Retrolux fully integrates audit, proposal, product selection, estimating, purchasing, utility rebates, analytics, financing, installation, and commissioning, into a comprehensive B2B sales platform. Retrolux was selected as the winner of the 4D Challenge, a clean energy startup challenge from Schneider Electric and Powerhouse, and it was one of three finalists in the 2017 Salesforce Dreampitch, the largest software pitch competition in the world. For more information, visit

About Deco Lighting: Founded in 2005, the Deco Lighting offers a full range of retrofit energy and architectural solutions LED fixtures plus a robust lighting control platform featuring an ecosystem of software, sensors, and patented wireless Bluetooth mesh LED drivers under the DecoMesh brand, delivering a simple to install, easy to use, scalable, IoT-ready controls platform that delivers exceptional value to Deco’s distribution and installation customers. For more information, visit

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