7. Prepare a Winning Proposal

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Preparing a winning proposal is the name of the game, and good news, you’ve done the hard work already and just need to put it in a nice package with a bow. And if you’re using Retrolux, you have the easy button for creating professional grade, winning proposals. (If you’re not, I know a guy that knows a guy that can get you a free account!) Seriously though, we work very hard at Retrolux to bring the industry the reports you need to build a winning proposal. Whether you use Retrolux or not, the same components are necessary and can be broken down into company info, project summary, executable contract, supporting info, and optional detailed analysis.

You always want to lead with company information. Sell your expertise, your experience, your team, your vendors, and most importantly, sell yourself! Selling lights is a relationship game and people buy from people. Go in confident, remember you are the expert they’re looking for, and start your proposal by highlighting your company’s strengths. Include previous projects, recommendations, awards, and anything else you can to show you are the right team for the job.

Next, you need to present a summary of what your project is going to do to help solve a pain for your customer. You’ve done your homework, know your customers goals, have selected the right solutions, and need to present the value to the customer. Remember to frame the story to cover the clients goals, not yours. If they are highly focused on ROI, lead with ROI. If they have lots of burnt out lamps, lead with a fully lit building. If they are motivated by environmental benefits, make sure that’s front and center. Remember to sell value and sell the value the client told you they want!

The next component is an executable contract. Remember, you want to close the deal, so always bring something with you they an sign to get the project going.

Depending on the client, you may want to bring supporting information like specification sheets, utility rebate promo materials, grant program details, warranty info, etc. Use your best judgement since most clients want less information, not more.

Finally, you may need to include detailed analysis. This is optional and not recommended unless the client asks for it though. Remember to KISS, keep it simple stupid!

All of these reports are included in Retrolux and the format is commonly used by the industries leading salesman to build winning proposals.

Now that you have a winning proposal, you’re ready to deliver the value proposition to the Client!

Leif Elgethun, CEO, Retrolux