9. Answer Follow Up Questions Promptly

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

You’ve delivered your proposal to the right decision maker and they had additional questions they want answered before moving forward. This is a great sign that they want move forward, but have some lingering questions to rationalize their decision. The key is listening to what they are really asking for and delivering your response in a timely fashion. Here are my top tips for ensuring you successfully overcome their questions.

  1. Respond in a timely fashion: This is the most important item. The longer you make your client wait, the lower their emotional connection will be. Respond as fast as you possibly can. If it’s going to take longer than 1 week, you need to set expectations on when they will see the additional information and then you have to deliver it by that deadline. Not responding in a timely fashion will kill your chances.

  2. Answer their questions and nothing more: Answer their questions with the right amount of information and not a single bit more. Giving them more information than they ask for has two negative effects: a) it confuses them and b) it spawns more questions. Both drag out the process and reduce your overall success rate.

  3. Remember to keep selling value: Always sell value!

  4. Respond “professionally”: Always respond at the level of professionalism your client expects. That could mean simple email with attachments, a complete packet with cover letter, or another in person visit to present the new information.

  5. Always finish by asking for their business again!

  6. Once you’ve eliminated the “No’s” and answered all their questions they will either a) sign the contract, b) ask for more time, or c) say they’re not interested. If they sign the contract, you’re off to the races. If the ask for more time or say they’re not interested, read the next blog to learn ways to successfully close the hardest clients!

Leif Elgethun, CEO