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Connected Lighting – Investing in the Future Webinar

The Climate Group recently hosted a compelling webinar on Scaling Up LEDs with a focus on financing options and trends from a Utility, Municipal, and Private perspective. Retrolux continues to see increased interest and adoption for innovative financing options to accelerate LED project approvals. We found the webinar interesting, relevant, and actionable and are grateful for the Climate Group for authorizing us to share it with the Retrolux Community.

Here’s a link to the webinar followed by deck and agenda:


LED Scale-Up introduction (5 mins) Toby Morgan – LED Program Manager The Climate Group

Utility company perspective (12 mins) Justin Harmond – Assistant to the Executive Vice President Georgia Power

Regional Street Lighting Procurement Program (12 mins) Michael S. Fuller – President Keystone Lighting Solutions/consultant Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission

Private financing initiatives (12 mins) David J. Clamage – Managing Director Saulsbury Hill Financial and Consultant to Generate Capital

Moderated discussion and questions (15 mins)


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