Top 10 Steps To Sell A Lighting Retrofit

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Selling lighting projects can be an imposing task with many pitfalls along the way — from finding your potential customer to ultimately closing the deal. We want to break down the top 10 steps that you need in order to analyze, propose, and sell a lighting retrofit. We will provide deeper details for each step contained within each newsletter in the coming months. Our goal is to educate and to explain how industry leaders complete each step, to offer tips for success, to show real world examples that will help you maximize your efforts, to increase your close rates, and to reduce your company-wide sales cycles!

So, here are our Top 10 Steps to Sell a Lighting Retrofit:

1. Find a Prospect 2. Research your Prospect 3. Schedule a Site Visit 4. Count Lights 5. Ask the Right Questions On Site 6. Select the right solution 7. Prepare a winning proposal 8. Deliver the value prop to the decision maker 9. Answer follow up questions promptly 10. Close the deal.

We will be coming out with new top 10 blogs, available only to our community, so we can help you do what you do best, sell lighting projects!

Leif Elgethun, CEO, Retrolux